Cat Condos – Cat Enclosures

Cat Condos are an outside experience for your indoor Cats.

My wife Barbara and I are the proud owners of two rescued cats. Our first cat came to us on a stormy night in the summer of 2008 when Barbara heard a faint whimpering coming from under a shed in the back yard of our neighbor. It was a skinny little, soaking wet, gray tabby kitten, about two months old. We had no plans of  getting a cat, as we had just lost our dog Benji a few months earlier.  Barbara took a towel outside and dried the little cat off , She then put a large box on our deck with a blanket and some food  for the little cat. Later that night Barbara went to check on the little guy, as she opened the door the kitty cat scooted right past her into our home. We named him Cooter, the little scooter. We asked around but no one knew who he belonged to, so we got him his shots and a checkup, and that is how Cooter adopted us!  When Cooter was about a year old we thought we would get Cooter a playmate. We looked in the papers, and online to see what we could find.  We found a beautifully marked orange Maine Coon kitten, the owner could no longer keep him and he was about to be taken to the humane society. We had found our second cat, and a brother for Cooter. We called him Rusty. So now we have two indoor cats that love sitting at windows and looking outside for hours at a time. Then my wife had another great idea, she said, Don, why don’t you build our little boys an outdoor play structure?  So, I started a Cat Condo, building project.  After several months, a couple cuts and scrapes, a few bumps and bruises, and possibly a swear word or two, Our cats love their outdoor playground.



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